Shards of Light

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Authors:Heather Poinsett Dunbar and
Christopher Dunbar
Editors:Sarah E. Aalderink, Ruth Davis Hays
Artists:Alexandra Wagner, Khanada Taylor, Dayna Hartley
Retail Price: (USD)$15.99
Print ISBN:978-1-937341-40-4
ePub ISBN:978-1-937341-41-1
Kindle ISBN:978-1-937341-42-8
Print Pages:314
FIC009020 [Fiction : Fantasy – Epic];
FIC009000 [Fiction : Fantasy – General];
FIC009030 [Fiction : Fantasy – Historical]

Back Cover Text

Many sets of eyes peer through the mist, watching events unfold as the dark alliance seeks out an ancient device that they hope will uncorrupt the menace that has nearly brought the Holy Roman Empire to its knees. However, not everyone beyond the mist is content merely to watch.

The scourge continues unchecked, but instead of murdering innocent people, Venus’ Cursed are capturing them and transforming them into more devils and demons. The Strigoi are no longer bands of shambling hordes… they are now an army.

Can the Dark Alliance cobble together a sufficient force of arms to combat the scourge, or will betrayal and bitter rivalries seek to topple the Empire into the void?

Continue the journey… the fifth in a series of stories revolving around the Deargh Du through the ages.

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