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Maps for other Books

Morrigan’s Brood Crone of War
Madness & Reckoning Dark Alliance
Curse of Venus Shards of Light
Dynasties of Night Odin’s Chosen
Hera’s Wrath
Ancient Name
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Ancient Kingdom
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Modern Name
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Modern Country
Frankish Empire / Carolingian Empire / Holy Roman Empire (circa 801 CE)
Aachen Austrasia Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Aventicum Austrasia Avenches Vaud, Switzerland
Isle of Testerep Austrasia Oostende / Westende / Middelkerke West Flanders, Belgium
Mettis Austrasia Metz Lorraine, France
Prüm Abbey Austrasia Prüm Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Verviers Austrasia Verviers Liège, Belgium
Regensburg Bavaria Regensburg Bavaria, Germany
Auxerre Burgundia Auxerre Burgundy, France
Chagny Burgundia Chagny Burgundy, France
Divio Burgundia Dijon Burgundy, France
Époisses Burgundia Époisses Burgundy, France
Saulieu Burgundia Saulieu Burgundy, France
Vézelay Burgundia Vézelay Burgundy, France
Roma (Rome) Papal States Vatican City / Rome Italy
Kingdoms of Éire (circa 801 CE)
Ard Mhacha Ulaid (Ulster) Armagh Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Ard Ghlais Ulaid (Ulster) Ardglass Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms (circa 801 CE)
Dubris Kent Dover England, United Kingdom
Caer Oder Mercia Bristol England, United Kingdom
Bath Mercia Bath England, United Kingdom
Lundenburh Middlesex London England, United Kingdom
Searoburh Wessex Salisbury (formerly Old Sarum) England, United Kingdom

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