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Character Guide / Pronunciation Guide

Welcome to the Character Guide and Pronunciation Guide for Morrigan’s Brood, book 1 of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. The biographies contained on this page, which offer a glimpse into the lives of the major characters, relate to the beginning of this book and may reveal spoilers for those who have not read previous books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series.

Character Guide

Key Character Backgrounds and Pronunciations

Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus – Interview, Interview Marcus
General and Praetor of Gaul under Julius Caesar, Marcus is responsible for drawing up plans for a reconnaissance of Britannia, and he will lead one legion in execution of his plans. He cares little for Mandubratius but sees him as a means to victory.
Mandubratius – Interview Awvarwy (a-war-wee)
Mandubratius lost the Chieftainship of the Trinovantes to his uncle, but now he wants it back, and he will stop at nothing to become Chieftain, even if it means bribing Gaius Julius Caesar into intervening, and putting up with Marcus’ antics.
Maél Muire Ní Conghal Uí Máine – Interview Maél Muire (mal mure)
Even in this early Christian era, a chieftain raises his daughter in the manly arts, including wielding a sword, while his aunt teaches her the ancient ways of the Druids. If only Maél Muire could find a man who did not try to put her in her place.
Claudius Metrius Sertorius Claudius
A lieutenant under general Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus, who served with Gaius Julius Caesar in Britannia around 55 BCE. Marcus gave Claudius command of the Tenth Legion before setting off with Mandubratius to establish a second front.
Arwin Mac Alpin Mac Alpin
Long ago, this Scots warrior fought Romans in Gaul and later in Britannia. He never thought he would ever call a Roman “friend”, even after becoming an Ekimmu Cruitne. However, time has a way of healing wounds, even making enemies friends.
Bertius Lancastrius Berti
This British merchant secretly serves the interests of the Deargh Du. Berti, as he is sometimes called, is a foppish gentleman who seeks pleasure and enjoyment in all things, and he would rather tell bawdy jokes than fight.
Tertia Amata Antonia Amata
Once the third daughter of a wealthy Roman merchant and then a prostitute, following her husband’s death, Amata found a man who could give her power to make her own destiny: Felician. Yet, power does come with a price.
Sáerlaith Ní Adhamdh Sáerlaith (saer-la)
One of the leaders of the Deargh Du, Sáerlaith becomes involved in the investigation of the Lamia’s encroachment upon Éire. Her closest allies are Ruarí Mac Flan, the Arch Druid, and Caoimhín, and she will need them as time moves on.
Ruarí Mac Flan Ruarí (ro-ree)
Nearly as old as Sáerlaith, as well as her closest friend, Ruarí spends his time teaching the forbidden practices of the Druids to mortal and blood-drinker alike. When he is not teaching, he can be found seeking out lost knowledge.
Téa Uí Cennedi Uí Máine (tay-a) Talia de Burgundy
Few know her true identity as being granddaughter to King Godomer of Burgundy, who was killed by the Franks. While she seeks refuge in Éire in the arms of a chieftain, Cennedi Mac Lubdan Uí Máine, she dreams of usurping the Franks in Burgundy.
Connor Mac Turrlough Uí Niall Connor
This chieftain of Mhuine Chonalláin desires power for the privileges it brings, but also because his mother, Seosaimhín Uí Turrlough Uí Niall, wants him to be a strong leader. Hopefully, his son Brian can succeed where he has failed… impressing her.
Cennedi Mac Lubdan Uí Máine Cennedi (kenn-edi)
Cennedi became Chieftain of the Uí Máine of Béal Átha an Fheadha soon after the death of his brother-in-law, Conghal, who was married to Deirdre, the mother of Maél Muire. Cennedi is married to Téa, and he knows her secret.
Sive Uí Fergus Uí Máine Aunt Sive (se-ve)
Wife of Fergus Mac Aerlon Uí Máine and aunt to Maél Muire, Sive helps train a head-strong Maél Muire in carrying on the ancient Druidic traditions of the Celtic tribes, even though Christianity has been in place for over two-hundred years.
Seosaimhín Uí Turrlough Uí Niall Seosaimhín (sho-siv-een)
The mother of Connor Mac Turrlough Uí Niall is a Druid, though instead of pursuing life, she pursues knowledge of death. She is quite mad and lives the life of a hermit, though she, on occasion, visits Connor and insists that he visit her sometimes.

Pronunciation Guide

Other Character Name Pronunciations

Adhamdh ad-am Gaelen ga-len
Aodh ay Ioin oh-een
Aodhán ay-dawn Lileas lil-ee
Bearach ba-rax Lughna loo-na
Brídín bree-din Máire moya
Caile kay-la Maon may-own
Cailin kay-lin Muirgel mur-geal
Caíreach kee-rex Niamh neev
Caoimhín kev-een Nuadin noo-ah-den
Conghal con-gall Oisín osh-een
Cumhail kool Seanán shaw-nawn
Dechtire dec-tir-a Ségnet seg-net
Emer eem-ir Sheevan she-va
Etain ey-taw-in

Irish Story Location Pronunciations

Ard Mhacha ord wa-hcah Loch Dá Chaoch lo-hc daoh-hco
Béal Átha an Fheadha beh-lo-ina Loch Garman lo-hc gar-mon
Béal Easa bell-assa Mhuine Chonalláin moonie hahn-alon
Brú na Bóinne bruna bun-ee-ay Ráth Cruachan raw kroo-uh-ckahn
Cill Ala kill-la-la

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