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Welcome to the Character Guide and Pronunciation Guide for Madness & Reckoning, book 2.1 of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. The biographies contained on this page, which offer a glimpse into the lives of the major characters, relate to the beginning of this book and may reveal spoilers for those who have not read previous books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series.

Character Guide

Key Character Backgrounds and Pronunciations


Mandubratius Awvarwy (a-war-wee)
As a co-consul of the Lamia, the former self-proclaimed Chieftain of the Trinovantes failed to acquire the prize, bringing shame to the once great empire. From the confines of his demented mind, Mandubratius must find a way to come to grips with his failure or risk being executed by a loyal steward of the Empire.
Tertia Amata Antonia Amata
What a dutiful co-consul to Mandubratius and the Lamia is Amata, one of few women in the Senatorial class of the Lamia. Even following Mandubratius’ failure to grab the Phallus Maximus, Amata stays true to her former plaything – who shares with her the same sponsor, Felician – but at what price?
Felician (Not his real name) Felician
Few living Lamia truly know how much they have to thank Felician for shaping the Lamia into what it is today. Even those he sponsored, Amata and Mandubratius, have no clue as to his true purpose… too bad they conspired to execute him on the floor of the Lamia Senate. Pity.
Patroclus Statilius Messalinus The Legate
Once a Legate under Emperor Trajan, Patroclus now serves the Lamia co-consul as their advisor, bodyguard, and problem solver. However, his loyalty is first to the Lamia. Should either co-consul stray, he would rectify the situation.


Sáerlaith Ní Adhamdh Sáerlaith (saer-la)
This new leader of the Deargh Du Council of Five must follow Morrigan’s path in order to bring balance to the Deargh Du, but even Her path is wrought with peril, and a misstep may lead to the dissolution of the Deargh Du.
Máire Ní Conghal (ex Maél Muire) Máire (moya)
Formerly Chieftain of the Uí Máine of Béal Átha an Fheadha, Máire, a Deargh Du, finds herself in the midst of political intrigue, as she must decide whether to follow Marcus, her Father-in-Darkness, or Sáerlaith, the leader of the Council of Five.
Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus Marcus
Formerly a general and Praetor of Gaul under Gaius Julius Caesar, Marcus became a Deargh Du and led their armies against the invading Lamia. With the war over, Marcus must decide how far he will go to help Sáerlaith maintain the balance.
Sive Uí Fergus Uí Máine Aunt Sive (se-ve)
Widow of Fergus Mac Aerlon Uí Máine, who was murdered by Lamia, and aunt to Maél Muire, who is now a Deargh Du and bears the name ‘Máire’, Sive must carry on the traditions of old, living a lonely existence that she does not deserve.
Aisling Ní Dáithí Uí Feidlimid Aisling (ASH-ling)
This direct blood descendant of Adhamdh, the Mílesian king who became the first Deargh Du, must decide whether to follow her heart or follow her Father-in-Darkness, Conlan, or perhaps events will make the decision for her.
Claudius Metrius Sertorius Claudius
Originally a lieutenant under general Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus, Claudius later became a Sugnwr Gwaed. Claudius has become quite bored, since fighting alongside Marcus and Mac Alpin against the Lamia. Though he would never admit to it, Claudius misses the company of his companions.
Arwin Mac Alpin Mac Alpin
Once the scourge of the Romans, Arwin Mac Alpin, an Ekimmu Cruitne, has won nary a game of chance against his fellow Ekimmu Cruitne. If only he could find some excuse to reunite with Marcus and Claudius, those chumps, and win once more.
Seosaimhín Uí Turrlough Uí Niall Seosaimhín (sho-siv-een)
As she watches that soulless one, Maél Muire, the bride, rip the heart of her son, the groom, from his chest while standing at the alter during their wedding, Seosaimhín manages to place a strong curse upon the murderer. Will this curse cause the eternal pain and suffering that the wielder wishes, or will the curse fade with the passage of time? Perhaps soon, the opportunity will arise to bring justice to that soulless one, and to all of her kin.

Pronunciation Guide

Other Character Name Pronunciations

Bearach ba-rax Caile kay-la

Irish and Welsh Story and Location Pronunciations

Ard Ghlais ord glass Cill Ala kill-la-la
Ard Mhacha ord wa-hcah Loch Dá Chaoch lo-hc daoh-hco
Béal Átha an Fheadha beh-lo-ina Loch Garman lo-hc gar-mon
Béal Easa bell-assa Mhuine Chonalláin moonie hahn-alon
Brú na Bóinne bruna bun-ee-ay Ráth Cruachan raw kroo-uh-ckahn
Ómaigh oh-mah Caergybi car-ger-bee

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