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Welcome to the Character Guide and Pronunciation Guide for Dark Alliance, book 3 of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. The biographies contained on this page, which offer a glimpse into the lives of the major characters, relate to the beginning of this book and may reveal spoilers for those who have not read previous books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series.

Character Guide

Key Character Backgrounds and Pronunciations

Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus Marcus
Formerly a general and Praetor of Gaul under Gaius Julius Caesar, Marcus became a Deargh Du, and eventually led their armies against the invading Lamia. With the war over, he finds himself exiled from Éire with Máire.
Mandubratius Awvarwy (a-war-wee)
As the co-Consul of the Lamia, the former self-proclaimed Chieftain of the Trinovantes failed to acquire the prize, but now, he must face an enemy of terrifying ferocity, and he knows that alone, the Lamia will fall.
Maél Muire Ní Conghal Uí Máine Maél Muire (mal mure) or Máire (moya)
Formerly Chieftain of the Uí Máine of Béal Átha an Fheadha, Máire, a Deargh Du, finds herself exiled from Éire, and she must put up with her Bath house mates, who send her on adventures all over the world, just for wagers.
Claudius Metrius Sertorius Claudius
Originally a lieutenant under general Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus, Claudius later became a Sugnwr Gwaed and then moved in with Marcus, and their mutual friend Mac Alpin, who live in Bath.
Arwin Mac Alpin Mac Alpin
Once the scourge of the Romans, Arwin Mac Alpin, an Ekimmu Cruitne, now shares a large house in Bath with his Roman friends Marcus, a Deargh Du, and Claudius, a Sugnwr Gwaed. Of course, Máire and Edward also live there.
Tertia Amata Antonia Amata
Once the third daughter of a wealthy Roman merchant and then a prostitute, following her husband’s death, Amata reached tremendous heights when she became Co-Consul of the Lamia. Now, she watches Mandubratius’ back.
Téa Uí Cennedi Uí Máine Talia de Burgundy
Few knew her true identity as being granddaughter to King Godomer of Burgundy, who was killed by the Franks. However, this Lamia has not forgotten, and she plans to use her gifts to take back her birthright.
Patroclus Statilius Messalinus The Legate
Once a legate under Emperor Trajan, Patroclus now serves the Lamia Co-Consuls as their advisor, bodyguard, and problem solver. However, his loyalty is first to the Lamia. Should either Co-Consul stray, he would fix the situation.
Edward Edward, Edwina, Edgar, Edna
Despite being called a variety of names by his father-in-darkness, Edward manages to focus on his alchemy work, making explosives of various kinds, after gaining such knowledge from the Greeks, the Chinese, and others.
Sáerlaith Ní Adhamdh Sáerlaith (saer-la)
Now leader of the Deargh Du Council of Five, Sáerlaith must keep the Deargh Du united in their cause of maintaining the balance, yet her actions over two hundred years ago have left fractures in their foundation, and they are growing.
Caoimhín Caoimhín (kev-een)
Caoimhín has lost many friends in the war against the Lamia, but he manages to flourish as Sáerlaith’s right-hand man. Still, it is difficult to live the happy life of a blood-drinker when others threaten his mistress and she won’t listen.
Ruarí Mac Flan Ruarí (ro-ree)
Nearly as old as Sáerlaith, as well as her closest friend, Ruarí spends his time teaching the forbidden practices of the Druids to mortal and blood-drinker alike. When he is not teaching, he can be found seeking out lost knowledge.
Emperor Charles / Charlemagne Karl der Große, Carolus Magnus
This son of King Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon became King of the Franks in 742 CE and then was crowned Imperator Augustus in the Christmas of 800 CE. Despite his power, he just wants wine, women, and song … lots of it.
Pope Leo III His Holiness
After becoming Pope in 795 CE and fleeing those who wished to gouge out his eyes because he was of common stock, Leo sought and gained King Charles’ favor by crowning him Emperor, but the blighter won’t do what Leo says…
Julien de Divio Julien
What a wonderful life it is to be the third son in a noble family. You don’t need to serve in the military or join the clergy, but then no one pays you any regard. Still, Julien has found success serving in the gendarme.
Heloise de Divio Heloise
As the matriarch of a noble family, Heloise must deal with loss, such as the losses of her husband and her second son. Still, she takes great pride that her daughter shares her heretical beliefs and that she has a beautiful granddaughter, Clotilda.
Reginald de Divio Reginald
After his father died, Reginald assumed his father’s mantle and served the Kingdom with distinction. He later married Flor, Julien’s childhood friend, and produced three children of his own… Clotilda, Jakelin, and baby Ledger.
Horatio di Reate Horatio
A child of Lombards, Horatio only knew Frankish rule as he grew up within the Papal States. When he was of age, he joined the Papal Army, and then with his father’s wealth and influence, he became a member of the elite cavalry.

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