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Welcome to the Character Guide and Pronunciation Guide for Curse of Venus, book 4 of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. The biographies contained on this page, which offer a glimpse into the lives of the major characters, relate to the beginning of this book and may reveal spoilers for those who have not read previous books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series.

Character Guide

Key Character Backgrounds and Pronunciations

Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus Marcus
Marcus cannot figure out what is bothering him. He doesn’t sleep well; he finds his mind wandering when in the midst of a conversation. While thinking of the Strigoi fills him with fear, they aren’t keeping him agitated. But who or what is?
Mandubratius Awvarwy (a-war-wee)
Not since he recovered from his malaise at losing the Phallus Maximus has Mandubratius felt more purpose in his life. He feels it is time to mend broken bonds, to forgive past offensives, and to move forward as one. And then there is Máire…
Máire Ní Conghal Maél Muire (mal mure) or Máire (moya)
While Máire feels conflicted over her feelings concerning Mandubratius, what bothers her more is Marcus’ apparent suffering. She wonders whether her curse, her inability to feel, has somehow affected him. Only Morrigan knows what haunts him.
Claudius Metrius Sertorius Claudius
Unlike the other Celtic lines, and most blood-drinker lines in general, Sugnwr Gwaed do not create other Sugnwr Gwaed. That is Cernunnos’ purpose. Claudius has had no bond with a child, like Marcus has with Máire… that is until Horatio came along.
Arwin Mac Alpin Mac Alpin
Arwin misses home… Bath. He yearns for the full wine and mead he loved to imbibe. What do the Franks offer? Watered down wine mixed with spices, and no mead! Arwin hopes this business with the Strigoi will end, so he can drink proper spirits.
Tertia Amata Antonia Amata
Amata never expected to actually fall in love with Edward. Mandubratius had asked her to get close to the alchemist to learn his secrets for explosives, but Amata found something more in the Ekimmu Cruitne. He makes her hot with passion.
Téa Uí Cennedi Uí Máine Talia de Burgundy
Soon, Talia de Burgundy will control all of the lands those bloody Franks took from her family. Soon, Godomer’s legacy will be hers. If only she could find a way to get Divio and Vézelay, she would possess all of Burgundy! Afterwards… Francia!
Patroclus Statilius Messalinus The Legate
Patroclus is gladdened to see his Co-Consuls, Mandubratius and Amata, so happy after both dealt with Mandubratius’ fight with madness. Mandubratius seems fulfilled with new purpose and Amata with new love… but what about Patroclus?
Edward Edward, Edwina, Edgar, Edna
Creating devices that smoke, burst in to flame, or make the very ground shake are Edward’s specialty… not tending to the needs of women. When Amata came into his life, however, smoke, flames, and explosions were not confined to his creations.
Sáerlaith Ní Adhamdh Sáerlaith (saer-la)
After losing her home in Ard Mhacha to separatists, Sáerlaith finds herself unable to lead her people. If only she could find inspiration from somewhere, from someone, to shrug off her doldrums, but her guilt prevents her heart from healing.
Caoimhín Caoimhín (kev-een)
With Sáerlaith lost to her own self-pity, Caoimhín must lead the Deargh Du, a role he feels best suited to Marcus, but since Marcus is not here… who else would lead? If only someone could re-ignite the spark in Sáerlaith’s heart. But who?
Irene the Athenian / Basileus Empress Irene / Ειρήνη Σαρανταπήχαινα
Every time Irene looks into a mirror, she sees an old hag gazing back at her. Time has ravaged her once beautiful body. When a man comes along who offers her eternal youth for a special mirror she owns, forged by the Gods, of course she agrees!
Emperor Charles / Charlemagne Karl der Große, Carolus Magnus
Despite being on the verge of war with the Pope over a disagreement of authority, Charles cannot help but find fault with his family. Not one of his legitimate children or his bastards would make a suitable heir. On second thought, there might be one…
Pope Leo III His Holiness
With battle lines drawn between papal and imperial forces, Pope Leo waits for battle to ensue. He knows that he is on God’s mission to drive out the demon scourge. However, if the man he crowned last year won’t do God’s bidding, God help him.
Julien de Divio Julien
Julien has a secret that he must tell no one, or else his family might tear itself apart. He must grieve the loss of loved ones in silence. Still, he is comforted by his new Deargh Du family. Because of their love, he can hide his grief, but it hurts to lie.
Heloise de Divio Heloise
Heloise is worried about a lot of things… Vézelay, her vassals, and of course her son Reginald, who lost his wife and most of his children to strife. Still, she will be damned if she lets the wrong kind of woman seek out his affections. He is vulnerable.
Reginald de Divio Reginald
His wife and two of his children are dead. Many of his vassals are dead. After being on the run for weeks, Reginald and his vassals will soon return home, but he knows he will find the dead they left behind. If only he could find someone to console him.
Horatio di Reate Horatio
Horatio never wanted to be a Lamia, but he knows he cannot go back to being mortal. Still, he is thankful Claudius, a Sugnwr Gwaed, has taken him in. If only Horatio could be like him. If Horatio ever finds the bastard who made him Lamia… death.

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