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Character Guide / Pronunciation Guide

Welcome to the Character Guide and Pronunciation Guide for Crone of War, book 2 of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. The biographies contained on this page, which offer a glimpse into the lives of the major characters, relate to the beginning of this book and may reveal spoilers for those who have not read previous books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series.

Character Guide

Key Character Backgrounds and Pronunciations

Marcus Galerius Primus Helvetticus Marcus
Life as a Deargh Du for Marcus is a lonely one, as he has never met one of his own kind. Still, this former Roman general manages to find friends, but most of them are mortals. While he enjoys Berti’s antics, there is something the Briton keeps hidden about himself. Oh, and that Maél Muire? There is just something about her…
Mandubratius Awvarwy (a-war-wee)
With the Great Prize close at hand, this Briton turned Lamia must slosh through the wilderness of a foreign land to seek this most valuable treasure. Leadership of the Lamia is not enough to sate his thirst for power. Mandubratius must place this artifact on the statue of Mars himself and usher in a new age for the Lamia.
Maél Muire Ní Conghal Uí Máine Maél Muire (mal mure)
Upon the departure of her uncle Cennedi, Maél Muire is given the mantle of power over her clan, but she must earn the respect of her neighbors. Even now, after the death of her latest betrothed, her neighboring chieftains vie for her hand in marriage. Will she choose for the sake of love or politics? Only the Goddess knows.
Claudius Metrius Sertorius Claudius
Leadership is a difficult mantle for Claudius to carry. While he enjoyed serving as a lieutenant under Marcus when he was a mortal, Claudius never quite enjoyed being in charge after his departure. Now the Sugnwr Gwaed look up to him… sigh.
Arwin Mac Alpin Mac Alpin
Wine, women, gambling, and spilled blood are Mac Alpin’s motivations in his life as an Ekimmu Cruitne… especially gambling against mortals and other blood-drinker lines. Ah… Marcus and Claudius… how he loves draining them of silver.
Bertius Lancastrius Berti
To most who see this dashing Briton, he appears the fool, dressed in foppish fine linens and reeking of exotic aromas. Still, a few have seen this dandy dispatch marauders with precision, lightning speed, and grace… hardly the earmarks of a fop. So, who is this Briton really, and why has he befriended the outcast Roman Deargh Du?
Tertia Amata Antonia Amata
What a small price she has paid, in retrospect, to become the leader of the Lamia. She conspired with Mandubratius to murder their Sponsor, Felician, she let Mandubratius ‘rape’ her on the floor the Lamia Senate, and now she allows Marcus, who she knows is a Deargh Du, to hunt down Mandubratius. Power at a good price.
Sáerlaith Ní Adhamdh Sáerlaith (saer-la)
Far removed from the events taking place around Connacht, Sáerlaith must spend her nights waiting for word about the Lamia encroachment in Éire. With her friends Ruarí and Caoimhín further south, she must alone contend with the politicians of Ard Mhacha. She wishes she could leave, but her duty is to stay, and so she shall.
Ruarí Mac Flan Ruarí (ro-ree)
Troubled is the mind of this elder Deargh Du, who has witnessed many atrocities in his lifetime, though none more heinous than the Roman assault on the defenseless druids of the grove of Loch Garman. If only he knew how twisted fate could be.
Téa Uí Cennedi Uí Máine (tay-a) Talia de Burgundy
What luck! What fortune has blessed Talia de Burgundy! Soon, she can throw off the shackles of this marriage to that tiresome, near-sighted Cennedi, and then with her fellow Lamia, drive the Franks out of Burgundy, thus regaining her birthright!
Connor Mac Turrlough Uí Niall Connor
After his son’s mysterious, brutal death, Connor, with firm encouragement from his mother, seeks out his son’s betrothed for his own wife. With his eyes set upon Maél Muire, Connor searches for how best to court her, but he soon finds competition.
Cennedi Mac Lubdan Uí Máine Cennedi (kenn-edi)
From chieftain and husband to slave, Cennedi finds his life as a Lamia to be an abomination. Every time he gives into his thirst for blood, he silently curses his wife… his Sponsor, for changing him. How he misses his niece, Maél Muire.
Sive Uí Fergus Uí Máine Aunt Sive (se-ve)
How much Sive worries about her niece, Maél Muire, who has never before had so much responsibility thrust upon her. Such pain she sees in her niece’s eyes with all of the death she has experienced, and yet, she holds much love for her clanspeople.
Seosaimhín Uí Turrlough Uí Niall Seosaimhín (sho-siv-een)
So, you wish to read more about us, learn our innermost secrets, but the mists lead both ways. I see you where you sit. This night, the white crow Nagirrom will signal my arrival as I take you with me through the mist and reward you for your curiosity.

Pronunciation Guide

Other Character Name Pronunciations

Adhamdh ad-am Lileas lil-ee
Bearach ba-rax Lughna loo-na
Caile kay-la Máire moya
Cailin kay-lin Maon may-own
Caoimhín kev-een Niamh neev
Dechtire dec-tir-a Nuadin noo-ah-den
Emer eem-ir Oisín osh-een
Etain ey-taw-in Seanán shaw-nawn
Gaelen ga-len Ségnet seg-net
Ioin oh-een Sheevan she-va

Irish Story Location Pronunciations

Ard Mhacha ord wa-hcah Cill Ala kill-la-la
Béal Átha an Fheadha beh-lo-ina Loch Dá Chaoch lo-hc daoh-hco
Béal Easa bell-assa Mhuine Chonalláin moonie hahn-alon
Brú na Bóinne bruna bun-ee-ay Ráth Cruachan raw kroo-uh-ckahn

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