Morrigan’s Brood

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Authors:Heather Poinsett Dunbar and
Christopher Dunbar
Editors:Sarah E. Aalderink, Jillian Rosenberg,
Ruth Davis Hays
Artists: Khanada Taylor, Dayna Hartley
Release Date: Original: 2009-12-01
2nd Edition: 2012-01-15
Retail Price ($USD): $15.99
Print ISBN:978-1-937341-00-8
ePub ISBN:978-1-937341-01-5
Kindle ISBN:978-1-937341-02-2
Print Pages:312
FIC009020 [Fiction : Fantasy – Epic]
FIC009000 [Fiction : Fantasy – General]
FIC009030 [Fiction : Fantasy – Historical]

Back Cover Text

Evil reigns throughout much of the western world in the mid sixth century. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, a group of blood-drinkers called the Lamia begin the search for a long, lost relic that will restore power to the Roman Empire. After traveling much of the known world, the Lamia discover the relic’s location: Ireland. The Lamia invasion forces win a foothold on the Island of Éire and hasten their search for this most important relic.

Standing in their way is an outcast Roman general from many ages before, a Briton who would rather tell bawdy jokes than fight, and a young woman who has found her newly acquired lands under siege by a manipulative Lamia seeking vengeance against his oldest foe.

They are not alone.

The Lamia are not the only blood-drinking line on earth. A race called the Deargh Du, who draw their lineage from the Goddess Morrigan, will rise up and face the challenges of those who would tip the balance.

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