Dark Alliance

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Authors:Heather Poinsett Dunbar and
Christopher Dunbar
Editors:Sarah E. Aalderink, Jillian Rosenburg,
Ruth Davis Hays
Artists:Khanada Taylor, Dayna Hartley
Retail Price: (USD)$16.99
Print ISBN:978-1-937341-20-6
ePub ISBN:978-1-937341-21-3
Kindle ISBN:978-1-937341-22-0
Print Pages360
FIC009020 [Fiction : Fantasy – Epic];
FIC009000 [Fiction : Fantasy – General];
FIC009030 [Fiction : Fantasy – Historical]

Back Cover Text

Following their war against the Deargh Du, the Lamia have refocused their efforts toward controlling the Church of Rome, using it as a tool for amassing greater power and wealth.

In Éire, fissures have formed in Deargh Du society, threatening to break apart the once firm foundation of the Balance.

In the midst of these events, a new menace threatens the Balance within the Holy Roman Empire as vicious murders of both mortals and blood-drinkers spread throughout the empire like wildfire.

Can a hastily formed alliance between archenemies thwart this new menace, or will festering hatred bring about the empire’s doom?

Continue the journey… the third in a series of stories revolving around the Deargh Du through the ages.

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