Crone of War

Book Information

Authors:Heather Poinsett Dunbar and
Christopher Dunbar
Editors:Sarah E. Aalderink, Jillian Rosenberg,
Ruth Davis Hays
Artists:Khanada Taylor, Dayna Hartley
Released:Original: 2010-07-01
2nd Edition: 2012-07-01
Retail Price: (USD)$17.99
Print ISBN:978-1-937341-10-7
ePub ISBN:978-1-937341-11-4
Kindle ISBN:978-1-937341-12-1
Print Pages 360
FIC009020 [Fiction : Fantasy – Epic];
FIC009000 [Fiction : Fantasy – General];
FIC009030 [Fiction : Fantasy – Historical]

Back Cover Text

The Lamia expeditionary force has gained a foothold in Éire and has formed an alliance with a powerful Irish chieftain and his malevolent mother. To reinforce them, a massive Lamia army, which is departing Rome, will soon give them enough power to conquer Éire and find their lost treasure.

Will the Deargh Du and their new-found friends be able to protect Éire from the invaders, or will the Deargh Du’s suspicion of other blood-drinkers allow their enemies to be victorious?

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