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And the winners are…!!!

The contest timeframe for entering is over, and we have drawn the winners.  As before, we combined entrants who stopped by our booth at ApolloCon and entrants who responded to our blog or Facebook announcements.  Without further ado, here are the winners:

ApolloCon, Contests, and Short-Stories

Wow… lots of stuff going on right now. First, ApolloCon starts today and goes through Sunday. We will be there, so stop by. For more information about ApolloCon, click here.

ApolloCon Contest

In honor of ApolloCon, Heather and I will be giving away two ARCs of Dark Alliance, Morrigan’s Brood Book III. For those unaware, ARC stands for Advanced Read Copy. These are pre-released books sent out to reviewers. The ARCs have not yet been copyedited or proofread. Still, winners will get a sneak peak at the new novel, which will be released September 1. If you win and you don’t already have Morrigan’s Brood or Crone of War, Morrigan’s Brood Book II, well, we will throw those in as well. All books will be signed by us, the authors.
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eBooks Coming Soon and other news

Well, I (Chris) have been working behind the scenes getting ready to release eBooks for both Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War. I am in the process of acquiring eBook publishing software, and I have been setting up accounts with various eBook distributors, such as PubIT (B&N), Kindle (Amazon), Sony, iTunes, Smashwords, and Goodreads, to name a few. We have also acquired a bundle of ISBNs, so hopefully the file conversion process doesn’t take me too long. I have already converted Morrigan’s Brood to HTML, so eBook shouldn’t be far off. Perhaps in a week or two, both books will be available in your favorite eBook format.
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Have we done the contest yet?

No, not yet, so there is still time to enter. If you have not entered already, send an email to Christopher Dunbar. What might you win if you enter? One set of three of Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War, signed by the authors. How much does it cost? The effort to send us an email. How long do you have? Oh, a few more hours… let’s say 9:00 PM CDT, so a little over 5 hours. I will write new contestants names onto tickets and the place those tickets with the ones filled out at Comicpalooza. I will announce the winners on this blog after the drawing tonight, and then I will attempt to contact winners starting tomorrow.

Good luck!

Contest and Morrigan’s Brood: Madness

Oops! We forgot to do the drawing Monday night. Well, it wasn’t so much that we forgot, both Heather and I (Christopher) had massive headaches after a very busy day, so we just didn’t remember to do the drawing… um, isn’t that forgetting? D’oh! OK, so no hate mail please… we will do the drawing tonight, after Heather comes home. She even sent me an email reminder that says, “contest”. We will announce the results on this blog tonight, and then will I contact winners with email addresses tonight and winners with phone numbers by tomorrow evening. Promise! (Barring unforeseen calamities.)

Morrigan’s Brood: Madness

OK, has anyone read Morrigan’s Brood: Madness? Anybody? Did you enjoy it? Did you not? Please comment on the short-story’s page.

Houston Indie Book Festival, Contest, oh, and a Short Story

Welcome fans and friends, new and old! We just got back from the Houston Indie Book Festival, and boy are we tired. All day in the humid, sweltering heat became quite taxing. Still, we met many new friends, and we bumped into a few old friends there as well. If you visited us at the Houston Indie Book Festival, AggieCon42 (which we were at last weekend) or some other event, please feel free to say hi in the comments below. I (Christopher) have some pretty cool news to tell, so be prepared for some good reading.
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Oopses Need a Home – Yours

Last year / last month / a few weeks ago, we had announced that we had a few oopses from our printer, that is books which have cover blemishes, rendering them unable to be sold; of course the paper inside is in good condition. Previously, we had offered those books for free if you paid for shipping. We had a few interested parties, so we have shipped out some of those books, but we still have two sets of Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War with cover blemishes, and all four books are just resting on my (Christopher) bookshelf behind me, waiting for new homes.
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A Good Deal for Our Fans

Sometimes the printer sends us uh-oh’s. However, these uh-oh’s are uh-oh’s on the cover. Most of the time the text is off on the spine. However, everything between the covers is perfect!

So in honor of these uh-oh’s… we’re giving away the uh-oh’s. Okay, they’re not absolutely free, you have to pay for the shipping. However, Chris and I (Heather) will sign ’em and send ’em anywhere!

We have…

2 of Morrigan’s Brood
3 of Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War

If you’re interested let us know by contacting us at or via facebook (where we’ll post this).