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Triscelle Publishing will Attend the Houston Highland Games

Triscelle Publishing will host a booth at the Houston Highland Games and Celtic Festival May 15 through 16 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Houston Farm & Ranch Club – 1 Abercrombie Drive; Houston, Texas 77084 (near Bear Creek Park). For more information about the festival, including other merchents, bands, Scottish Highland games, dancing, and activities, please visit

We will be giving away free bookmarks and postcards featuring the wonderful cover art drawn by Khanada Taylor, and the authors will be available to sign copies of Morrigan’s Brood.  As a special treat, a pre-release proof of Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War will be on hand for anyone wishing to get a sneak peak of the work, which will be released in July.  So, come stop by and pay us a visit while you listen to bagpipe music, eat exotic foods from the Isles, and see lots of us guys wearing kilts…  I’ll be wearing one as well.  See you there!  – Chris

Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War Nearing Completion

Triscelle Publishing is happy to announce that Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War is nearing its completion. In fact, we have ordered the proof for the new book, and it should arrive early next week! Now, don’t get too excited; it won’t be available until July, but a few lucky individuals will be able to win a signed, pre-release copy of the book! Do I hear a contest coming? Details will be announced later. Cheers!

Thank you Patrons of the Houston Independent Publishers Festival!

Thank you all who stopped by our booth at the Houston Independent Publishers Festival!  Heather and I (Chris) really enjoyed meeting all of you, and I am happy that we have made a few new friends.  Thanks also to those who bought our first novel, Morrigan’s Brood, or those who are planning to buy either a paper copy or an e-book on-line; Morrigan’s Brood is available via Lulu, Amazon, and other online book sellers.  If you would like to order a signed copy, send an email to so that we can arrange something via PayPal.

If you were interested in the other two novels we were featuring at the festival, the Books of Jorthus series, you can find out more about them by going to

We have run out of those wonderful postcards, and we no longer have the relationship with the printer that we once had, so we can’t get new ones printed immediately.  However, we will be on the search for a new printer starting Monday, so we will be sure to announce when we have more postcards in stock.  In addition to postcard printing, we have been in contact with a local t-shirt printer about designing both Triscelle Publishing and Morrigan’s Brood themed shirts.  We are considering a basic design with our logo on front and our website on the back, a slightly more advanced design with a notable quote from the front and the logo and website on the back, and a multi-colored design based on our cover art.  If you have favorite quotable quotes from Morrigan’s Brood that you would like to see on a t-shirt, please let me know.

I am also happy to announce that Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War is nearly ready to be released this summer!  While we have not set a specific date, we are aiming towards the beginning of July.  For those looking ahead to the continuation of the Morrigan’s Brood series, Dark Alliance, Curse of Venus, and Shards of Light are in queue for publication starting in Winter 2010/2011.  Heather and I are currently writing Dynasties of Night, the sixth novel in the Morrigan’s Brood series.  We also have a novella, It’s in the Cards, which we hope to release somewhere in this time frame.

Anyways…we are so grateful for all the interest in our series.  We even had an opportunity to speak with one of our favorite local retailers in Montrose that may be offering space for a book signing.  😀

A happy Easter holiday to all of you!!!

Chris (and Heather)

If you’d like to leave a review… :)

Woohoo…somebody very sweet left us a review on lulu after reading Morrigan’s Brood.  If you’d like to do so please visit…


Thank you so much 😀

Latest Bidness

Well it looks like the book is starting to show up on amazon (yeah I know they’re the devil, but it’s important to have items available there) and some other vendors.  That means that it will be available in brick and mortar stores for ordering very soon.

We’re still working on manuscript #6 believe it or not…  Yup we work that far in advance.  🙂

However, there are difficulties with that sometimes because of a small black kitten named Clyde who always demands that the world revolves around him.  He is a cute little monster though.  Lucius and Ophelia are pretty sure he’s a nuisance, but there you go.  They do still groom the little pain, so they like him despite all that.

Hope everyone is doing well and please keep buying our books.  It means so much to us.  Also if you want an autographed copy.  We’ll be happy to sell and mail one to you.

woo hoo! Morrigan’s Brood is now for sale!

Linkety Link Time

Looks like the book is available for purchase now.  At least it is from lulu.  Very soon you can buy it from Amazon, Borders, etc.

Please order a copy.  We’ve worked very hard on this.  Now we’re just dealing with the holidays and integrating a new katbaby in the family.  🙂

So this makes, Lucius, Ophelia, and Clyde (our newest edition).

Everyone have a wonderful holiday season!

Heather & Chris