Oopses Need a Home – Yours

Last year / last month / a few weeks ago, we had announced that we had a few oopses from our printer, that is books which have cover blemishes, rendering them unable to be sold; of course the paper inside is in good condition. Previously, we had offered those books for free if you paid for shipping. We had a few interested parties, so we have shipped out some of those books, but we still have two sets of Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War with cover blemishes, and all four books are just resting on my (Christopher) bookshelf behind me, waiting for new homes.

OK, here’s the deal. You want a free book? You want me to pay for shipping? I’m OK with that. You live in the USA? Cool. You live outside of the USA? Cool as well. While you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief, USPS Priority Mail has these wonderful fixed rate envelopes, and if you can fit it, they ship it, and I have been able to fit two books, plus padding and bookmarks, into one of those envelopes. USA shipping is around $5 and international shipping is around $15.

So you might be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why on earth would I want to send free, SIGNED (oh, did I not mention that?) books (again, slightly blemished covers) to you and pay for shipping? Insanity, perhaps? I admit that that might be a possibility… Here’s the real reason… we desire more reviews of our books. People shopping for new books to read and new authors to follow read YOUR reviews, whether they are on book reader sites like Goodreads, Shelfari, or WeRead, or book buying sites, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Heather and I both value all of your reviews, good or bad.

For our potentially $30 investment ($15 printing/ordering costs + $15 USPS International shipping), all we are seeking are well-written reviews. Don’t get me wrong, we are not offering free books in exchange for positive reviews – we are not trying to bribe you with free books. On the contrary, we welcome both positive and negative reviews that are well-written and thought-out.

So we are hoping that for our potentially $30 investment (per set) that we could find two individuals who would be willing to write well-written reviews, whether you liked the books or not, for each book you receive. If you are interested, simply send an email to chris_dunbar@triscellepublishing.com. The first two people who respond who are willing to accept this offer will be the winners. We would appreciate reviews to be written by February and then posted to at least Goodreads, though if winners are willing, we would also appreciate reviews posted to those other sites I mentioned.

Thank you for participating.

Free Read in the Works for Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance

I (Christopher) am in the process of getting a free read put together for Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance. The free read will feature the Prologue and part of a chapter from the book. I will post it as a PDF file to Goodreads, to our blog, and to my LinkedIn profile. This free read will contain spoilers if you have not read the first two books in the Morrigan’s Brood Series. Either Heather or I will announce when the free read is ready and where we have posted it.



Thank you friends and fans of Triscelle Publishing, home of the Morrigan’s Brood Series!