New Morrigan’s Brood Features on and Other News

New Morrigan’s Brood Content on

Your friendly neighborhood folks at Triscelle Publishing have added the Search Inside feature on for both Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War. This means that visitors to the site can scroll through the book (unknown page count limit), have the viewer choose a random page (Surprise Me!), navigate using Book Sections, or perform a keyword search of the entire book (Search Inside This Book).

On a related note, we are updating content on Barnes & Noble to include author information, a new synopsis of each book, and free reads. Only some of this information has been posted, so if you don’t see the new content, please check back later.

Book Signings Coming Up

We have two confirmed book signing events coming up in the Houston Area. The first will be Saturday, September 25 at The Magick Cauldron – times are to be determined. The second book signing will be at Houston’s Pagan Pride Day Saturday, October 9. More details about both events and others in the works will be announced as time rolls on.


The contests on Goodreads are still going on, and I have to tell you, I love how they put them on. There is no cost for you to enter, and entering is easy! Heather has even won at least one Goodreads contest she entered. For more information about the contests, including links for entering the contests, please view our previous blog entry.

eBook Versions of Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War…

… are only available on in PDF format. However, we are making progress towards getting both books available on the Kindle, Nook, and other eReaders. I (Chris) recently finished formatting Morrigan’s Brood for conversion into ePub and other formats, but we still need to purchase the software, as well as a bundle of ISBN’s so that each eBook version can have a unique ISBN.

Our Growing Web Presence and New Reviews Pending

We have expanded the number of sites where you can find author pages, book pages, reviews, and publisher pages about us and our works. New sites include Bitten By Books (author pages and reviews), Author’s Den (author and book pages), and Manic Readers (OK, not a new one, but it has cool stuff in it, including free reads that the other sites don’t have!). I will be getting with our beautiful and ultra-talented web designer and artist to document all of these links on our Triscelle Publishing website. We are anticipating reviews for both books to be posted on these sites over the next two to three months: Paranormal Haven, In The Forest, Niteblade (Fantasy and Horror Magazine), Bitten by Books, and a review for Crone of War on Manic Readers. Some of these reviews may also be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and other sites by the reviewer. I will provide links to reviews once they have been posted.

Thank you Friends and Fans of Triscelle Publishing and the Morrigan’s Brood Series!