Another Interview – With Less Bite This Time

This time we’re interviewing Mai…I mean Maél Muire, chieftain of Beal Atha an Fheada.

Heather Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Maél Muire *chuckles*  I’m a young crone.  I’ve seen 26 cycles, I’ve never been married, and I’ve never had children.  I wasn’t even supposed to be chieftain, but I suppose the clan felt I was a safe choice and that I would offer them protection.  However, I feel my path leads to the grove, if you know what I mean.

Heather So your path is Druidic.  Do you wish that the old ways were as prevalent in your time as they used to be?

Maél Muire *Sighs*  Things have changed.  Sometimes it’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not.  One cannot change what the people want.  My father knew that, and he had suggested that I examine both faiths and find strength in both.  However, I know where my personal path lies, and he knew where his path lay, and our paths were not the same.

Heather So your father was of the new faith?

Maél Muire He wore a mask at times.  It is necessary, sometimes, to keep the favor of those who changed their beliefs.  He urged me to follow Sive and Fergus if my path went to the grove.  While I know what he wanted, my mother’s wishes are a mystery.

Heather Do you think she’d be proud?

Maél Muire I’m not sure.  I think she would probably chide me for not yet being married.  However, I just can’t be bothered to settle for anyone.  The right one is out there, but he’s been serving the king of Connacht for quite some time.  My aunt Tea and uncle Cennedi kept urging me to take one of their friends as a husband, but I have refused to consent to that so far.  I don’t think I could be a good wife to a man I don’t have any feelings for. I suppose that makes me a stubborn, young crone.

Heather Your father never told you to take a husband?

Maél Muire He suggested that I take one.  My father’s suggestion was one of our former enemies, and it was as faulty as my aunt’s.  This chieftain lived in the north. He felt I was unsuitable as well, because I knew how to wield a sword, and he believed me to be too strong.  He needs someone who is willing to let him make all of the decisions.  A woman’s status in this world has become a diminutive one.  If I do marry, he will have to be a balanced leader and our relationship will have to be a balanced one as well.

Heather Let us change the topic, now.  What do you think Mandubratius is?

Maél Muire If I believed in the Christian faith, I would say that he was a demon, perhaps even Lucifer himself, though that’s giving him far too much credit.  He whispers sweet lies in my ears and tries to entrance me.  He’s something not mortal, something like the Deargh Du, though I know very well he isn’t one.  The One-eyed Crone confirmed for me that he was not Deargh Du. He has no respect for the balance of our existence, and he’s not as beautiful as they are.  There are also things he said which I found to be inconsistencies in the persona he was pretending to assume; slips which made me believe he was insincere at best and evil to his core at worst.

Heather He said to say hello to you.

Maél Muire Somehow, I think he slipped an insult within that greeting to me.

Heather Yes, he did.

Maél Muire That does not surprise me.

Heather So, what do you think of the Deargh Du?

Maél Muire I…they are beautiful, but unnerving.  I truly enjoyed speaking to Caoimhín, but I feel unworthy of their attentions.

Heather One last question.  I notice you’re holding a scroll…

Maél Muire It’s an attempt to write my friend Marcus about the latest happenings here.  He is most interesting, and there is something about him, perhaps it’s that he’s an old soul.  Hopefully, I’ll find the right words soon.  I fear that he thinks that I must write the most boring letters.

Heather Well, I’m certain he probably looks forward to them.  Is there anything else you’d like to say about the first book or the sequel, Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War?

Maél Muire I cannot wait to see how events will unfold in the sequel. I’m hoping to reconnect with my old love. Will that happen?

Heather My lips are sealed. Read the book, Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War. It’ll be out in July.