Congratulations Contest Winners! Wait… who are they?

The contest for the three (3) free paper-copies and the five (5) electronic copies of either Morrigan’s Brood or Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War (when it is available for publication), is over, and Triscelle Publishing will now announce the winners.

Paper Book Winners:

  1. Marta Fabianek, Ticket # 348916
  2. Cornelia Amiri, Ticket # 348906
  3. Judy Floyd, Ticket # 348909

eBook Winners:

  1. Lola Overland, Ticket # 348926
  2. Scott Young, Ticket # 348911
  3. John Harrison, Ticket # 348908
  4. Caitlyn O’Dell, Ticket # 348919
  5. M. Edmonds, Ticket # 348904

We will be contacting the winners, using the contact information on your ticket, to determine whether they would like MB or MB:CW and to determine how best to deliver their prize.  We just applied for an ISBN for MB:CW, so we might be able to provide winners of MB:CW their prize before the novel is released in July.  Winners, if you have not been contacted by Tuesday evening, please send an email to; also, you do not need your ticket to win.

Thank you all for participating in this contest, and congratulations to the winners!  Please keep checking this blog, as we will be hosting another contest in honor of ApolloCon.  Please also note that the festival sale of Morrigan’s Brood (including author signatures) for $15 plus shipping is continuing until this Sunday the 31st of May.  If you would like buy Morrigan’s Brood (paperback novel) at this special price, please send an email to with your phone number, and we will call you to place your order over the phone; we can accept Visa and Master Card, as well as PayPal.